On behalf of the Winston Fellowship Board of Directors, we would like to thank everyone in the Winston community for your past support and sponsorship of the annual Health Policy Ball and to let you know of the difficult decision we have felt compelled to make to postpone the 2021 Ball until February, 2022.  We considered a number of alternative settings and configurations under which we might be able to hold this important and popular event, but as a group of responsible healthcare organizations, came to the conclusion that, under the currently uncertain circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, it is unlikely we would all be comfortable committing to attend such an event in the near future.

Since the first Health Ball over 35 years ago, the Winston Board of Directors and staff have had the pleasure of hosting many of the Nation’s top health policy experts and government guests for a night of networking and celebration. Since its inception, this is the first time we have had to cancel it (other than a two-month snowstorm delay several years ago). We will certainly miss this special night to bring our health community together, but with due regard for the health and safety of our sponsors and government guests, and acknowledging the national concern over the coronavirus outbreak, it seems clear that travel issues and other personal and business considerations make it impossible for us, in good conscience, to hold the event in any viable form next year. The Winston Fellowship and the Ritz Carlton will continue to work together to hold the Ball once again on the first Saturday evening in February 2022.

As most of you know, the proceeds from the Health Ball sustain and support the Winston Fellowship and Scholarship programs, as well as the administrative costs of our nonprofit organization. Foregoing those revenues in 2021 will make it challenging for us to continue these programs for that year.  Thus, we would be deeply grateful for any tax-deductible contributions you or your organization are able to make to help offset our losses from not holding our annual fundraising event and to sustain these important academic programs. 

Please feel free to contact our Chief Operating Officer, Kerry McAteer at kmcateer@winstonfellowship.org with any questions or concerns.