Fellow FAQs

Q I am not a US Citizen. Am I still eligible to apply?

A You must be a U.S. citizen in order to apply for the Fellowship.  

Q I graduate in December. Am I eligible?
A Yes, as long as you graduate in the academic year of the current application cycle (September to June), you will be considered eligible for the Fellowship.
Q Can I start later than June?
A No. The Fellowship will assign a start date in June that accommodates the graduation schedules of the incoming Fellows. Fellows must start on the assigned date.
Q I have worked in Washington before. Am I eligible?
A Yes
Q I am completing a post-graduate degree. Am I eligible?
A Yes
Q I am required to fulfill a one-year residency following my 2-year didactic program in order to graduate. Can I use the Fellowship as my residency experience?
A Yes, if your program is willing to allow you to do that, and agreeable to giving the Fellowship Board supervisory experience, this can be negotiated. Evidence that this has been discussed with your program director should be submitted with your application materials.
Q My degree is not in healthcare or policy. Should I apply?
A Yes, there is no requirement that you have previous academic or employment experience specific to the field of healthcare policy, though the ability to demonstrate an interest in the field will be expected in the application materials and in interviews.
Q I’m in the business school, but I know there’s someone in the Public Health school applying. Can more than one of us apply?
A Yes, we will accept multiple applicants from the same school.
Q A classmate and I both want to apply for the Fellowship. Can we both apply?
A Yes. There is no limit on how many students from a program, department, school or university may apply.  This is a change from previous policy
Q How many Fellowships are given each year?
A In recent years the Committee has selected two Fellows.
Q What are the additional benefits included in the Fellowship?

Additional Benefits are:

  • Annual Salary
  • Medical and Vision Insurance, Covered
  • Moving Expenses, $2,500
  • Conference Fees and Travel Expenses, $5,000
  • Monthly Metro, $200/month during the appointment phase (June-August), $100/month during your Placement.